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Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

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I had the pleasure of getting to try out the Noom Inc. Healthy Weight Program app and wanted to share with all of you my thoughts on it!

I especially wanted to highlight some of my favorite features.  As a professional in the nutrition field there are certain things you hear from clients all the time about meal tracking programs and I think Noom has done an amazing job of tackling some of these things, making it much easier to stick with it!

First and foremost, Noom offers a personal coach.  Someone that will be there for your to discuss weight plateaus, meal ruts or just ask any questions you might have on your path to trying to achieve a healthy weight and live a healthier life.

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

I also love that the goals they set are easy and manageable – like swapping a non-fruit or veggie snack out for one with a fruit or veggie, or trying to cook at home more versus relying on takeout.

These are simple, healthful changes that any average person trying to improve their overall health and maintain or achieve a healthy weight can benefit from.  You’re not being asked you to cut out full food groups or make drastic changes that are far outside what works for you.  Rather they offer doable, realistic and small changes.  And the best part is, if you don’t want to accept a certain challenge, you can simply choose not to!  For example, if you know you love an individual-sized bag of potato chips as a snack every day and it’s something you know you’ll never give up, you can dismiss the challenge and try for the next one!  One of the things I love most about the app is that the focus is on maintaining or achieving a healthy weight – not necessarily losing weight or being thin.  Making changes in your routine such as eating more fruits and veggies, eating regular meals, getting in an appropriate amount of exercise are things that can help anyone be healthier whether or not that’s reflected right away in your body weight.  The hope is that by doing those things, your body will maintain or achieve a weight that is most healthy for your build, but at the end of the day, the win is knowing you’re doing something good for your health each and every day!

You can send messages to your coach at any time and you’ll get notifications when they reply (in my experience they were always very prompt with their responses – it wasn’t like I was waiting weeks to hear back).  They’ll also check in every once in a while to see how you’re doing with the app and answer any questions you might have.  There’s also an option to be paired with a group of like-minded individuals allowing you to share opinions, frustrations, tips and tricks.

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

The app also offer readings on topics that are relevant to you and your journey which are not only interesting to read but can be motivating as well!  The source is provided at the end of each read so you can dig a little deeper if the topic interests you.

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

The app offer TONS of recipes from breakfast to lunch, dinner and even snack which not only allows for easy logging of meals if you’ve made one, but helps keep you out of food ruts!

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

The nutrition information for all the recipes is provided but they also mark their recipes with “green” “yellow” and “red” as a way to guide you toward which recipes you should go ahead and enjoy all the time (the green recipes, which offer the most nutrition), which you should enjoy in moderation (the yellow recipes) and which recipes you should only enjoy some of the time (the red recipes).  The perfect way to follow the “everything in moderation” rule of eating that I’m so fond of.

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

Note in the above picture how it saves your most frequently logged foods allowing you to just “swipe right” to log them at future periods and as you swipe, it shows you whether it’s a green, yellow or red category food.  Just another reminder if you notice a lot of red while you’re logging, that you should probably add some greens and yellows in there to balance it out.

You can also log your meals using a bar code which I think is GENIUS.  Say you eat an energy bar or a frozen meal that doesn’t populate in the system, you have the option of just scanning the bar code!  This takes a huge burden off the user to log meals.

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

The app can also link to your fitness trackers showing you how much of your goal you’ve met that day.  You have the option to use the app-populated steps or, if you want more or less of a challenge, you can increase and decrease that number as needed.  Just a great way to be held accountable to move a little more in a society where we tend to sit a whole lot!

Noom Healthy Weight Program Review // cait's plate

You can also log your exercise, weigh-ins (they also have a scale that automatically connects to your account) and other lab results that might be relevant or important to you.  For example, maybe you don’t lose weight, but you might see your blood pressure or blood glucose numbers improve substantially which in and of itself is a huge win!

Overall I was really impressed with this app.  I think they’ve put a lot of time an effort into tackling some of the shortcomings of other tracking apps out there.  It sets realistic, doable goals, removes a lot of the burden of logging meals and provides personal coaching and group support (a really great feature considering a lot of research out there shows lack of support is one of the main reasons people fail to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals).  I also can’t state enough times how much I like that the focus is really about achieving/maintaining a healthy weight – something that is good for everyone to do!

Overall Verdict: If you’re looking for a new healthy living tracker, I would highly recommend the Noom Healthy Weight App.

If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself, the kind folks over at Noom Inc. have offered me the opportunity to provide all my fabulous readers (that’s you!) a discount.  Just click this link and anyone who signs up will be able to purchase the program for a discounted rate!

Disclaimer: Noom Inc. offered me free access to their premium app however all opinions contained in this review are my own.



  1. Thanks for posting this review!! I’ve been considering signing up. Just curious, how often did you hear from your coach? Apps like myfitnesspal seem to have (IMO) better logging platforms, so, for me, it would really only be the additional coach contact that would make this worthwhile. Thanks!!

    • Hi there! I’m so glad you felt it was helpful! I heard from my coach at least once a week but could reach out to her at any point in time. She was always pretty prompt with her responses and when she wouldn’t hear from me after a few days, she would always check in 🙂

      • Wow. I have been literally begging coAch “Stephanie” to speak with me for 6 days. No dice. I finally got a hold of customer service (after politely begging them to speak with me too…) and they said they would give me a new coach, and look into why it was telling me I should lose 22lbs in 11 days. They ended up not doing either of those things, instead they sent me an email saying they were cancelling my membership.

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