• balanced on a budget: favorite budget-friendly produce picks

    image source If you guys missed the very first post in this series: you can visit it here to learn more about it what it will include and why I’ve started it! As I’ve mentioned, the first step in this series is to highlight some general budget-friendly options for each of the main food groups that I believe are important… [Continue Reading]

    balanced on a budget: favorite budget-friendly produce picks
  • no-cook recipes perfect for summer

    With August upon us, we’re getting some of the hottest heat here in Charlotte that we’ve gotten all summer.  And all that heat has me craving is easy, no-cook recipes! I’ve rounded up my favorite dishes that don’t require an oven – making them perfect for the final blazing days of summer.  Who else is SO ready for the crisp,… [Continue Reading]

    no-cook recipes perfect for summer
  • my go-to fall wardrobe staples

    If you guys have followed me for a long while, you KNOW how obsessed I am with Fall.  And probably one of the things that gets me MOST excited is when Fall clothes start coming out.  As much as I love summer, there’s just something about being wrapped in a cozy sweater, sitting by a fireplace sipping a warm mug… [Continue Reading]

    my go-to fall wardrobe staples
  • daily meal plan: number thirty five

    If you’re new to the series, click here to see the very first post or here to view them all! I’ve created a guide for you to use which will (hopefully!) make it easier for you to mix and match meals on your own to fit your individual needs: GUIDE: ABOUT THE GUIDE: Since everyone is different with different needs, and because I’m speaking to… [Continue Reading]

    daily meal plan: number thirty five

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Morning! Hope everyone’s Mondays are off to a good start. I’m a little slow to get moving this morning so I decided to tackle my desk tasks first thing.  Before I did that though, breakfast was needed. Peanut butter and jelly oats! I tried something different with this batch… I normally add the strawberries right at the start of cooking……

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Fearrington Village

We made it back to Charlotte! But before we headed back from our Chapel Hill trip we headed over to Fearrington Village I instantly fell deeply in love with this place! It was just so breathtakingly beautiful and just such a nice treat after being in the city for so long. While there were SO many delicious looking options, we…

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There’s Tar on My Heel

Sorry for leaving you hanging the past couple of days…it’s been a bit of a whirlwind but a fun one at that! I hopped the bus from Atlanta to Charlotte on Friday – snacked on a little hard-boiled egg sandwich to hold me over… And a handful of granola. From there Chad and I made our way over to Chapel…

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Clara’s World

This is what my sister has to deal with every morning while she eats breakfast: Clara doesn’t see anything wrong with this. In fact, I think she believes it’s the way things should be.  Cause really, it’s Clara’s world and we’re just living in it. While Shannon dealt with her handful, I got to work on my breakfast.  I wasn’t…

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Two Americans in Parish

This afternoon flew by! I did a little laundry, 20 minutes of yoga and a little freelance work. I snacked on baby carrots and peanut butter. And I spent a lot of time trying to capture the many faces Clara… Then my sister came home and we headed out for a walk: For dinner we headed to a place in…

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My sister and I are obsessed with Maine. Both my older sisters went to college in Maine (Bowdoin and Bates) and we’ve sort of been obsessed ever since. My sister has this “Maine” sign hanging in her kitchen and every time I see it reminds me I desperately need to get there for a trip soon! I headed to the…

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Strawberry Fields

It’s looking like we might have a beautiful day on our hands! Which meant this morning was all about a light and refreshing breakfast – Featuring the freshest and tastiest of strawberries I took a 6oz. container of vanilla Chobani and layered freshly sliced strawberries, granola and MaraNatha sunflower seed butter right on top. Perfectly refreshing for this {hopefully!} warmer…

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Keepin’ It Real

Well, my big goals for the day kind of fell through thanks to a dull headache that decided to hang around for most of the afternoon. The rain let up a bit after lunch so I moved outside for a little fresh air… I did a little reading, a little work on the computer and then headed back inside to…

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Rain, Rain…

Go away… Come again another day… It’s been a laaaaazy down around here!  Just ask Clara… I’ve successfully completed nothing since I last left you…except for getting the Photo Grid app on my phone (I already love it) and taking millions of pictures of Clara while she sleeps the day away. As my sister and I were chatting on gchat…

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Vanishing Act

Where do the mornings go!? I’m usually up no later than 7am but somehow by the time I finally sit down to blog it’s nearly 10! My sister and I enjoyed a leisurely morning. We watched New Girl (<– best new show out there if you ask me). We ate breakfast. And we hung out with this doofus: It’s a…

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Tonight’s dinner was completely grilled! My sister and I went to the store and stocked up on TONS of veggies which we tossed in EVOO, salt and pepper. We also cut up some pineapple to throw on there… And some Jennie-O Lean Smoked Turkey Sausage All thrown on the grill Then plated and gobbled up! So good. So good that…

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It’s a smoothie kind of day out there! I’ve already accomplished so much and it’s barely the afternoon! While Clara had a lazy morning in mind… I was up and at ’em and ready to go (must’ve been that delicious breakfast!) Around 10:30 I headed off to the gym and did a quick 3 miles on the treadmill followed by…

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