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anti-diet culture daily reminder #4 // cait's plate

Weight loss has long been promoted as the key to health in our society.  However, not only does that not bear out in the research, but what does come to light is just how harmful the pursuit of weight loss can be.   It’s no secret just how low the success rate of intentional weight loss…

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anti-diet culture daily reminder #3 // cait's plate

daily reminder #3

Diet culture tells you you are in control of your hunger.  That all you need is willpower and you can manage and even suppress this innate biological signal that was put in place for your own survival. But like most messaging in diet culture, this is a fallacy.  Ignoring your hunger does not make you…

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anti-diet culture daily reminder #2 // cait's plate

daily reminder #2

Something discussed frequently in the anti-diet nutrition world is the fact that there is very little you can do to change the shape of your given body. For the most part, this is true. The body will fight extremely hard to get back to its given weight/size/shape because that is where it operates best. Most…

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anti-diet culture daily reminder #1 // cait's plate

daily reminder #1

We hear a lot about improving our health through our nutrition. In fact, it’s the diet industry’s main way to sell their plans and products now. They position their ‘solutions’ as a means to health and well-being, when really most of them are focused solely on weight loss. As a result, popularly recommended plans and…

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cait's plate update

a long overdue update

Hi Friends! I have been trying to find a pocket of time to sit down and write this – turns out, I needed about a month + worth of pockets to finally make it happen! I wanted to give you an update on life, where I’m at with work and everything else. I’ll try to…

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