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I believe all bodies are worthy.  My work focuses on exposing the hidden harms of the diet culture, the benefits of eating intuitively and moving joyfully.  My aim is to help those stuck in the never-ending diet cycle stop blaming themselves for diet culture’s failures, lean into their innate body wisdom and make peace with food, body & movement. 

Finally, I love a good meal, but don’t have the time or energy to cook anything elaborate with 2 little ones, so I like to share recipes I’m loving or creating that come together quickly.

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anti-diet culture daily reminder #4 // cait's plate

Weight loss has long been promoted as the key to health in our society.  However, not only does that not bear out in the research, but what does come to light is just how harmful the pursuit of weight loss can be.   It’s no secret just how low the success rate of intentional weight loss…

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