Chad and I headed out for a nice 3 mile run when he got home followed by a little abs and pushups.

And then I got started on dinner:

IMG 7597

I went a little more southern for him tonight…barbecue chicken, corn and our leftover roasted potatoes

Screen shot 2012 04 26 at 9 18 57 PM

It was some pretty good eating, I can’t lie!

While Bone Suckin’ Sauce is my absolute favorite, Stubb’s is a close second when it comes to bbq sauce:

IMG 7603

It’s got a little tang and a little kick with each bite. Β Pretty tasty!

Dessert was another brownie + a scoop of Cookies n Cream:

IMG 7605

Now sucked into a special on CNBC about Costco – aka, the happiest place on earth!!

Any other Costco fanatics out there? Β C’mon, tell me I’m not alone!


DSC 0730



    • Oooh I’ve never tried it but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it – I’m always looking for new summer bbq sauces πŸ™‚

  1. my mom LOVES bone suckin’ sauce too!
    i always throw some in the crock pot with tempeh and let it cook for 3 hours on high πŸ™‚
    it’s so good!

  2. Your blog brings me comfort:) is that weird?? I’m wondering if you’ve ever developed disordered thoughts regarding carbohydrates. With all of the negative talk these days about them, I can’t help count or think about my intake throughout the day. It drives me crazy!

    • It’s not weird at all! I love to hear that!!

      As far as carbohydrates go – I wouldn’t be able to live without them and I include them in pretty much every meal and snack. While I too fell prey to the whole “low carb” craze back in the day when it first came about, it was short lived. I just wasn’t happy cutting them out of my diet.

      Carbs are a great source of fuel, fiber and energy as well as helping your brain function optimally! Definitely don’t skimp on them, just try to make at least half of your 6 daily servings whole grain πŸ™‚

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