Early Fall

It’s a perfect day out there.

It actually feels a lot like early Fall – which is my absolute favorite season.

I headed to the gym around 11 and did a quick elliptical workout then headed home for lunch!

DSC 0002

I kind of wanted a salad, but I was also craving something a little warm given the cooler temps today.

My solution?

DSC 0009

DSC 0004

A nice warm turkey, pepperjack, spicy mustard and avocado panini on whole wheat (AWESOME combo of flavors).

DSC 0005

A side salad with 50/50 salad mix, shredded carrots and avocado, olive oil and vinegar.

DSC 0006

And a nice juicy orange.

DSC 0007

It was a perfect compromise.

DSC 0013

And quickly gobbled up 

  • http://www.tiptopshape2.blogspot.com Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    That sandwich looks delicious!!! I had a very similar one for lunch :D

    • Cait

      Can’t beat a good panini! :)

  • http://www.clairetherd.com Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    Mmm that panini sounds fantastic – but I’ll take summer over fall any day!

    • Cait

      I’m always torn – when it’s not summer, I wait and wait and wait for it and when it is summer, I crave Fall! Classic case of not being happy with what you have! Haha. Truly I love both seasons though :)

  • http://www.whatkellysaid.com Kelly

    GAH! I kinda sorta want to hate you…it is going to be 105 today in Austin. I want to cry. Enjoy your lovely weather and dang that panini looks tasty!

    • Cait

      UGH! Boy do I know the heat of Austin summers from when I would go and stay with my cousins! It’s the worst! We’re supposed to eek towards the 100s by the end of the week though! And thank you :) It definitely was!

  • Kelly @ My Love Affair with Running

    I love homemade lunches! Toasted sandwiches always hit the spot, and always forget how good they are when I havnt had one in a while!

    • Cait

      Agreed! Sometimes I get on kicks where I’ll be eating out a lot and my first meal at home is always so delicious :) And cheap! ;)

  • http://thesmartkitchenblog.com Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I’m sitting here in the kitchen with the windows open thinking, “Why does it feel like fall?”

    If only we could have these days…ALWAYS. :)

    • Cait

      Haha I COMPLETELY agree – and so funny you say that because as I was eating my breakfast outside this morning I thought to myself “If only the weather could always be like this” Then I thought to myself “I guess that’s what living in San Diego must be like!” :)

  • http://lifelikefruitsalad.blogspot.com/ Alissa @lifelikefruitsalad

    It felt EXACTLY like fall here, too! I kinda loved it… :D
    Your lunch looks amazing, though! I need to get myself a panini press!

    • Cait

      Definitely do! I actually just use my griddler…this would be great cooked like a grilled cheese as well :)

      Glad you too can appreciate the greatness of a good fall weather day!

  • http://www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com Lauren

    Your lunches always look so clean and delicious. Love a hot sandwich. :)

    • Cait

      Thanks Lauren :) And me too! Can’t beat it!