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Somehow Thanksgiving is just around the corner (howww did that happen!?) and while it’s often a holiday associated with glutton and sugar over-load, I’m here to tell you that’s not necessarily true!  There are plenty of healthful dishes you can celebrate the season with, freeing you to eat your pies and desserts knowing you got a good dose of nutrition into the main meal!

  1. Turkey: Turkey, no matter how you slice is, a great source of protein.  It’s also packed with other important vitamins and minerals (like iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus).  If you want to save on fat, go for the lighter meat as opposed to the darker meat, but overall I would say you can feel free to enjoy your favorite cuts for the holiday!
  2. Sheet-Pan Roasted Vegetables (you guys know I love my roasted harvest vegetables!): When roasted with olive oil, you’re not only getting a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, but you’re also getting heart-healthy monounsaturated fat from the olive oil.  So go ahead and pile these high on your plate!
  3. Fresh Cranberry Sauce: Yup, Thanksgiving is so great you can even get fruit with you meal!  Cranberries are not only festive, but they’re incredibly healthy too.  Cranberries are often touted for their antioxidant properties.  They’re also a great source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and manganese among other important vitamins and minerals.
  4. Seasonal Salad: We always serve a salad with our Thanksgiving dinner but we try to make it with seasonal produce – whether that means massaged kale with pears and pecans or spinach with apples and walnuts, it’s a great way to get some leafy greens in!
  5. Cranberry Walnut Whole Grain Bread: Of course, if you’ve had your fill of cranberries at this point, you could always choose to make plain whole grain rolls as well, but this bread adds a little extra festivity in my opinion.  You’re also getting some healthy omega-3 fatty acids from the walnuts!

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