From Dinner to Lunch

Last night’s dinner became today’s lunch!

IMG 7191

Love when that happens 

Screen shot 2012 04 23 at 1 55 00 PM

I simply took the rest of the brown rice from last night and layered it with:

  • Shredded Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken slices
  • Trader Joe’s canned black beans (rinsed and drained)
  • Homemade guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt
  • Trader Joe’s Blue Corn Chips

IMG 7196

Filling, delicious and healthy – my favorite kind of lunches 

IMG 7193

Reading material for my mid-day meal:

IMG 7204

Hopefully I can learn a thing or two!

Looking for 200-calorie or less taco combos?  There are some great suggestions here!



  1. Your Mexican bowls get me every dang time. So delicious looking. I just had half a banana and peanut butter for lunch. It’s an understatement to say I’m jealous. 🙂

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