Good old Southern BBQ was on tap for lunch today!

2012 05 17 13 07 38

And another restaurant on our restaurant list bites the dust!

IMG 20120517 122926

Chad has wanted to take me to Mac’s for a while and today just happened to be that day!  

2012 05 17 12 31 30

It gets super crowded in the evening so we figured lunch would be a better time to go and get our desired outdoor eating area.

And we were right!

2012 05 17 12 35 15

Iced waters with lemon + lime to quench our thirst.

And pulled pork BBQ (named “The Lil’ Pig”) sandwiches for our meals:

2012 05 17 12 45 45

Each sandwich comes with your choice of a side.  I went with a spinach salad (with bacon and feta cheese!) while Chad went with something a little lighter:

2012 05 17 12 45 55


Looked good but not sure I could manage mac ‘n cheese as a side!  In my head it’s more like a meal in and of itself.

We both stuck with the Carolina BBQ Sauce:

2012 05 17 12 47 22


2012 05 17 12 47 31

But I was super bummed to find there was HFCS in it!

2012 05 17 12 47 15

I used just a little and got the flavor without too much of the unnecessary additives.  Worked out pretty well and I think both of us were happy with our meals.

This is definitely not a place to go every day – but considering it’s voted one of the Top 10 places to eat in Charlotte, I figured we had to at least try it!

I came home to a package filled with goodies:

2012 05 17 13 35 19

Can’t wait to dig into some of these!  Thanks Annie Chun’s!

  • Kinley @ Better Off Barefoot

    I like you mentality on the HFCS topic. I used to refuse to eat anything with it in but then I realized a little now and then will not likely kill me… I still won’t bring it IN my house but if I am out and it’s in something I eat, oh well, live goes on!

    I am seriously craving bbq today though so it’s funny you have this for lunch!

    • Kinley @ Better Off Barefoot

      wow, typos much? Note to self: proofread better…

      • Cait

        HA! I didn’t even notice them if that makes you feel any better! :)

    • Cait

      Totally – I’m the exact same way with HFCS! And haha – oh man! I wish I could’ve shared some with you!

  • Erica @ For the Sake of Cake

    You are a stronger woman than me. I totally would have gone for the mac & cheese side!

    • Cait

      Hahaha – I can’t lie, I was kinda drooling over it when it came out!

  • Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I have been craving mac and cheese and seeing that may have made that craving worse! ;)

    • Cait

      Haha – oh no!! I think there’s only one cure then, you need to get yourself some :)

  • Life’s a Bowl

    I’ve never had true Carolina BBQ- I guess I need to add that to my list!

    • Cait

      You definitely do – it’s delicious!