how i save money (& eat well) while traveling

i get a lot of emails from you guys about traveling.  understandably so!  it can be really difficult to navigate traveling while trying to maintain a balanced diet.  as i’m mentioned in the past, i absolutely love to indulge in the local fare of the places that i visit, but when i’m staying somewhere for a week+, i find i get tired of eating every money out.  not only does it generally mean much heavier fare, but it ends up costing a lot of money!

that said, as part of my promise to include more travel posts on the blog, i thought it would be helpful to share how i save a little money and ensure i have balanced meal options on hand, no matter where i’m traveling to.

if i know i’m traveling for a week+, i always make sure i book a room with at least a mini fridge.  this way i can keep the perishable items on hand without them spoiling.  most hotel rooms always have coffee cups which you can mix yogurt in or have cereal out of (if not in the room, then in the lobby).  if they don’t, many are willing to accommodate you by providing you a bowl from the kitchen to use.  i’ve also purchased disposable bowls and utensils which you can find at any grocery store.

how to eat well (and save money!) while traveling // cait's plate

breakfast items: greek yogurt, whole grain cereal/granola, shelf-stable milk, fruit (apples, oranges, pears), individual pb packets, whole grain mini bagels or bread, whipped cream cheese

how to eat well (and save money!) while traveling // cait's plate

lunch items: hummus, string cheese, packaged chunk light tuna, pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, whole grain pita, whole grain crackers, veggies (baby carrots, celery, broccoli)

how to eat well (and save money!) while traveling // cait's plate

snack items: popcorn, trail mix, fruit & nut bars, dried fruit, nuts – whatever your favorites happen to be!

the only meal i find it’s difficult to utilize this technique with is dinner.  generally you don’t have access to an oven.  that said, sometimes there are microwaves available so you could buy a couple frozen meal options (if you have a freezer) to utilize.  but in general, i usually save dinner as my daily meal that’s eaten out.  I like to pepper other meals out into the mix throughout the trip so that I still feel like I’m experiencing the area where I am.  It makes for a good mix of both eating in and eating out!



  1. I always do this as well! I love traveling and eating out when I’m traveling but honestly it just gets VERY expensive if you’re to eat every meal out + coffee or two as well. I maybe do that if I am traveling to a big city and I know I’ll only be there two or three days but if I’m staying longer I do exactly like you do. And really it is not so bad at all. It’s kind of cosy sitting in the hotel bed in the morning eating cereal and then pack a lunch and eat in a park or something later. I like it, anyways! 🙂

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