Summer Kickoff

We kicked summer off right tonight with a little cookout!

IMG 9719

I made these turkey burgers (best ever), we roasted up some Trader Joe’s Potato Fries (only 4 ingredients – love that!) and in a feeble attempt to make up for the lack of veggies I consumed today, I threw a little “side salad” on the plate as well.

IMG 9722

Summer at it’s finest!

On to my burger I put: lettuce, mustard, ketchup and avocado.

IMG 9723

So good.

I can’t say enough about this recipe.  I’ve made it several times now and every time I’m so pleased with the results.

Another thing I can’t say enough about?

IMG 9721

These fries!

These are the Trader Joe’s Potato Fries.

IMG 9727

14 minutes on 425 and they’re crispy, crunchy and absolutely perfect.  That on top of their short ingredient list made these a total winner.

Much better than my other “side” ;)

IMG 9724

IMG 9725

Was super pleased to find this on the shelves at the store:

IMG 9728

It tasted different – like the vinegar came out more than in other ketchups…but still good!  Totally worth it for the lack of HFCS and salt!

IMG 9726

And it wouldn’t be a summer night without…

IMG 9729


A perfect end to a summer night.

I’m being eaten alive…

IMG 9730

…time to head in!

  • Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    There’s always room for ice cream in the summer…always! ;)

    • Cait

      Haha exactly!!

  • Ramani

    Cait- I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I still consider myself a new reader but I love reading your posts. You are so sweet and refreshingly honest. I love the tone of your blog. No wonder Chad likes you…;)

    Quick question: any tips for storing avocado. Yours looks fresh (not brown) and I’m assuming you dont use the entire thing in one day. Thanks!

    • Cait

      Aw thank you so much! What an incredibly sweet thing to say. It means so much to me to hear you like the blog – truly, it makes my night!

      As for the avocado, you’re definitely right – I only use a quarter at a time. I simply store it in a plastic bag – sometimes I’ll put a little lime or lemon juice on it to prevent from browning but for the most part I find that they last okay on their own for at least 3 days. I go through them quick so I don’t often have to deal with them turning brown ;) I’ll do a little research and see if there’s anything I can find on storing tips though! :)

      • Ramani

        Thanks! You are SO sweet. I will also try the ziploc bag technique and try to use the avo within two days. :)

        • Cait

          Of course! Good luck! I’ll let you know if I find out any other good tips! :)

  • j3nn

    Yup. That looks like summer to me! I need to get that no salt added Hunt’s ketchup with no HFCS. I usually get the Heinz no salt added, but it has HFCS. I’ll check it out. :)

    • Cait

      Definitely do – it’s different…but in a good way.

  • Lauren

    Oh goodness, we had burgers last night too! Definitely the quintessential summer food.

    • Cait

      Perfect for the first summer night!

  • Gillian

    Those burger pictures are serious food porn!!

    • Cait

      Haha – they’re SO delicious! I highly recommend the recipe!

  • Jordan @ Bake Write Sleep

    No matter where I am (even inside), if there is a mosquito, it WILL find me. I guess we’re just sweet like that, eh? ;]

    • Cait

      Hahah – I like the way you think! ;)