The Great American Bagel

Shortly after breakfast we were packed up and on our way to the airport.

We’re headed north for the July 4th holiday!

DSC 0007

Look at that haze of heat!

Before we boarded I grabbed myself a quick something to eat seeing as we’d be on the plane through lunch.

I would’ve preferred to pack something rather than spend the money but as you know, we were fresh out of food  so getting something at the airport it was!

I assessed my options and ultimately decided on The Great American Bagel Bakery -

DSC 0014

Probably the healthiest and freshest of all the options available.

DSC 0008

I made a custom sandwich filled with turkey, lettuce, onions and spicy mustard on a multi-grain bagel -

DSC 0013

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good bagel sandwich.  

DSC 0010

This guy was delicious!  And seriously filling.

On the side I grabbed a conveniently pre-sliced container of apples -

DSC 0012

It came with caramel sauce that had an ingredient list a mile long, but I tossed that.  Plain apples are plenty sweet enough for me!

I picked up a Women’s Health Magazine to read on the flight but honestly, the more I read these magazines, the more disappointed I am with them.  I just don’t feel like they promote the healthiest ideals.  So much of it seems super strict.  As someone that truly believes in moderation, I find myself not able to get behind most of what these magazines tout.

DSC 0005

Lesson learned – next time go with the usual food magazine!

Nothin’ but blue skies…

DSC 0016

See ya when we touch down!

  • Kelly


    • Cait

      My thoughts exactly :)

  • Emily

    I feel exactly the same about health mags geared toward women. I HATE when they promote really processed, yet low-calorie, meal plans.

    • Cait

      ME too! And just completely unmaintainable goals!