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Another great summer weekend in the books!  If only we could switch the weeks with the weekends so we could do things like this 5 out of the 7 days instead of only 2…

For now though – we’re doing a pretty good job of making the best of what we get 

Where we ate & drank:

For the most part we were at home this weekend but we did treat ourselves to breakfast on Sunday at Sunflour Baking Company.


This place is my heaven on earth.  A bright, cozy little cafe that serves great coffee, offers soymilk and an awesome selection of home-baked goods.  As far as coffeeshops and bakeries go for me, this is as good as it gets.

They also has wi-fi and outlets so you can easily go spend the day there and get a ton of work done.


What we did:

By far the best thing we did this weekend was visit the US National Whitewater Center.


If Sunflour Baking Company is my heaven on earth, this place is probably Chad’s.  But I have to say – I think it’s pretty dang great myself.  They offer everything from ropes courses to canopy tours, zip-lining, trails to run and mountain bike in, kayaking, whitewater rafting…the list is endless.

While we’ve certainly taken advantage of the trails in the past for runs, today they were closed (it’s been pretty rainy this past week – so we stuck to other activities.  Here’s what we did:

Stand-up Paddle Boarding:  This is one of our favorite activities here.  It’s something that we don’t have any access to anywhere else so it’s usually our choice when we’re out there.  It’s on flatwater and is a total breeze to pick up.  You get your equipment then hike through a little wooded trail to get to the area where you’re seated on a board and pushed off!  We went for about 2 hours today – they usually aren’t very strict about coming back in a certain amount of time.  It’s a great way to get a workout in without even realizing it.  It takes a ton of core and leg strength!  You can read all about it here.


Zip Lining: This was awesome.  It was both mine and Chad’s first time zip-lining and we both agreed that it’s something we’ll happily do again.  You go right over the water where all the whitewater rafters are and you literally fly.  I mean it is FAST.  They let you go in doubles though so many sure if you ever visit you go in pairs!


We also went for a short run around the entire center since the trails were closed.

It was a perfect day of activity and an overall great weekend.  Hope everyone enjoyed theirs as always!



  1. I love charlotte. I lived there for a summer while I did a co-op. It was fantastic. That bakery looks amazing. Want that coffee right now

    • It really was! Actually, as I was sitting there drinking the latte I was like “Not sure that this beats the soy latte from Black Tap…but it’s a close second!” Pretty sure Black Tap is the best I’ve had in a LONG time (and for some time to come!)

    • Haha – great minds think alike I guess 🙂 It really should be that way! And it really is – definitely try to do it at some point if you haven’t!

    • YES!!! (see how much convincing that took? haha). And don’t worry – I’m already working tirelessly on getting an Austin weekend in sometime!

    • It’s a great city isn’t it? There’s SO MUCH to do in and around the area. And you HAVE to try zip lining if and when you ever get the chance. It’s a blast!

  2. Ahhh our version of heaven is the same! LOVE a cafe that offers soymilk! It’s not too hard to find here in NYC but when I visit upstate I practically have to plan on bringing my own! 🙂

    • Hahaha – I’ve DEFINITELY done the same before! And I know – I miss working in midtown where EVERYWHERE offered it! It’s a little harder to come by down here…

  3. Hi Cait – I recently moved to Charlotte (South Park area) and would love your opinion on the best restaurants/places to healthy grocery shop. Recently found the Earth Fare and am in love! Not sure if you’ve been to that one yet. If not, I would highly recommend!

    • Oh congrats on the move! You’re going to love Charlotte – especially the South Park area. There’s a great Whole Foods there and I would also recommend Trader Joe’s (though I don’t think there’s one in South Park so the closest one might be a little far away from you). Otherwise I really love Harris Teeter!

      In terms of restaurants, it’s hard to go wrong in Charlotte. I would say definitely try Cowfish, Rooster’s, Bistro La Bon, Fern (a vegetarian/vegan place), McNich House, Sunflour Bakery (for coffees and breakfast/brunch/lunch), 300 East (for brunch especially), Copper (Indian food)…the list goes on and on! If you’re every looking for something specific, please feel free to email me (caitsplate@gmail.com) – I’m happy to help!

      And welcome to Charlotte! 🙂

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