Happy Monday!  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating my Mom’s birthday in Connecticut!

We ate, we danced, we colored, we played, we built forts, we went to church and we laughed.  A lot.

There’s just nothing quite like a little family time.  It was a great kick-off to the school year!

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  • http://www.amuse-your-bouche.blogspot.com Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous that length!

    • Cait

      Thank you! It’s been so long since I’ve had it this short – it feels so good!

      • http://letscookandbefriends.blogspot.com/?v=0 Margarita

        I cut 12 inches off mine a couple months back and it felt soooo liberating!

        • Cait

          Totally! I thought I would regret it for sure but I haven’t yet!

  • http://clairetherd.com Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    Your family is beautiful!

    • Cait

      Aw, thank you so much Claire :)

  • http://www.thenondairyqueen.com/ Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    Looks like an incredible weekend Cait!

  • http://myhealthyohana.wordpress.com Maura @ My Healthy ‘Ohana

    Aw, looks like great family time! Love your new haircut :)

    • Cait

      It definitely was – and thank you so much!

  • http://doggieanimal@cookiehead.com Shannon

    No dance party pictures?!?!?!?!?

    • Cait

      Hahahahaha oh did I forget those??? ;)

  • http://4thesakeofcake.com Erica @ For the Sake of Cake

    Love your haircuit Cait!

    • Cait

      Thanks! :)

  • http://www.beingfartedon.wordpress.com Kaitlyn

    I couldnt agree more…family time is the best.
    And oh how much you all look alike!!! Glad you enjoyed your time together.

  • http://www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com Lauren

    You have such a beautiful family! :)

  • http://www.onapinktypewriter.com Joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    LOVE the fort!! I want one now, as an adult… is that weird?

    • Cait

      Definitely not seeing as the fort was mine and Chad’s idea! Haha.

  • http://letscookandbefriends.blogspot.com/?v=0 Margarita

    I love how fresh your face looks all the time. Fuss free, make up free, you are simply gorgeous! It sure runs in the family.
    PS that picture of Chad playing Barbie with your nieces Is classic!

    • Cait

      Aw thank you so much. And haha I know. I also love that he’s sleeping in the fort while the girls play. Classic.

  • http://www.yesiwantcake.com Katie

    I say this all the time, but I cannot believe how big the girls are getting! They are SO stinking sweet. Glad you got some time with the family! Happy birthday to your mama!

    • Cait

      Don’t worry – I think it every time I see them too. Julia is starting Kindergarten! How crazy is that!? And thank you friend!

  • http://go-jo-go.blogspot.com Jo

    Happy Birthday to your lovely mom! ….I never realized you had another sister!

    • Cait

      Yup! I’m the youngest of 3 :)

  • Grace

    Cait! There is no mistaking that you are your sisters are related! The resemblance is uncanny! You guys look more like twins than my twin brother and I!

    • Cait

      Haha – that’s so funny because everyone tells us that and we don’t see it! :)

  • http://talkless-saymore.com/ Katie @ Talk Less, Say More


    • Cait


  • http://oatcoutureblog.wordpress.com Hayley @ Oat Couture

    Have you changed your hair?? It looks fab! :)

    • Cait

      Yup! Chopped it all off :) Glad you like it!