West Egg Cafe

Keeping the egg theme of the day going, we decided to stop in a cute little place called the West Egg Cafe that we stumbled upon while walking around downtown.

DSC 0966

Another winner!

I always find it’s a little tricky when traveling to get the best places.  I prefer to “do as the locals do” – but it’s unless you know people in the area, it’s tough to do that and get a good place every time.

Our friends don’t live downtown so they don’t know the area all that well, which means we’re kind of flying blind.  But luckily, the blind leading the blind lead to another delicious meal!

DSC 0968

DSC 0970

The West Coast Club for me -

DSC 0976

DSC 0974

DSC 0975

Turkey, tomato, bacon, avocado, cheese and sprouts on whole grain bread.

DSC 0977

DSC 0978

Fruit + salad on the side:

DSC 0980

Chia or poppy seeds?

DSC 0987

Potatoes to round it all out:

DSC 0990

Needless to say…I was a happy camper.

Screen shot 2012 06 18 at 6 55 48 PM

Chad went with the Hogged Fowl Sandwich - boneless breast, topped with bacon, bbq sauce and melted combo cheese

DSC 0973

The best part?

This entire meal + Chad’s lemonade was only $23.  Can’t beat that.

Highly recommend this place too!

  • http://www.yesiwantcake.com Katie

    aaaand I love you guys.

    • Cait

      aaaaaand we love you right back! :)