Back Home


It was a long day but I’ve officially made it back to Charlotte.

I was up early and got my go-to airport breakfast.

2012-07-07 07.54.16.jpg

A Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal and a venti soy misto

2012-07-07 07.54.31.jpg

Then came home to a lovely lunch:


Spinach, carrots, walnuts, feta and dried cranberries.

DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0009.JPG

And a little peach on the side:


After lunch Chad took a rest and I did my nails!


I was actually pretty impressed with how well this worked.

Dinner was bbq chicken (my newest obsession):

DSC_0021.JPG DSC_0022.JPG

Garlic knots on the side!


We’re fully sucked into Girls -


Soooo good.



  • Lauren

    Glad you are home safe and sound! :)

    • Cait

      Thanks Lauren :)

  • Rebecca @ Blueberry Smiles

    I started watching Girls last week and am fully sucked in too!

    • Cait

      Haha – yes!! I’m so glad I’m not alone. It’s SO good, right!?

  • Jen @ Savory Simple

    Love the photos! That salad sounds so delicious.

    • Cait

      Thank you! And it definitely is so delicious :)