daily meal plan: number thirteen

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To see what this is all about and the guidelines I use to build my meals, visit the very first post in this series.


BreakfastCinnamon Kissed Pear, Toasted Walnut & Honey Oatmeal

Product suggestions:

Lunch: Hummus, cheese and veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread with a side of mixed greens and a pear

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Snack: Popcorn

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Dinner15-Minute Pesto, Broccoli & Shrimp Pasta

Product suggestions:

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    • Hi there! Thanks for your question, that’s a good one!

      I actually don’t personally count calories nor do I recommend counting calories for a healthy individual (i.e. unless there is a doctor-prescribed medical necessity to do so). I focus on food groups, nutrients and getting the amount of food that provides energy and allows our bodies to perform optimally. Everyone is different and has different needs and the great thing about the plate method that I describe in this post (http://caitsplate.com/daily-meal-plan/), is that it can be used as a guide and tailored in to fit an individual’s specific needs.

      You’ll notice portion sizes are not described in these daily meal plans because the goal is not for people to follow them exactly, but rather just to provide inspiration for different meal types that can work into a balanced diet. I would also note that these meal plans are not a picture of what I eat in a day, but rather just an example of different meals and snacks people can pick and choose from when needing some meal inspiration. Hope that helps! 🙂

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