Once the after-breakfast movie finished up, the girls helped me out with my #photoadayjuly picture of the day: “chair

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Then Madeleine had to take on her newest obsession: “making funny faces” on Mac’s Photobooth program –

2012 07 06 10 43 09

2012 07 06 10 42 21

2012 07 06 10 42 31

I finally managed to rip her away from staring at herself with distorted faces so that we could pack ourselves up and head back to the pool!

DSC 0835

Julia’s swim lessons went wonderfully once again.

DSC 0982

And even ended in her jumping off the diving board and the dock several times!

DSC 0001

On our way home we stopped at Trader Joe’s and I grabbed myself some brown rice sushi (California Roll) and an apple –

2012 07 06 12 18 13

Madeleine once again helpfully offered to be my taste tester but seeing as she spit out her bite back into the bowl of the last meal she “tested” for me, I told her I would be okay eating this one all on my own.

2012 07 06 12 17 51

Trader Joe’s sushi is good but SO filling because of the amount of rice they use.

The apple however was just right!

2012 07 06 12 17 59

A delicious (if not slightly odd combination) lunch!

2012 07 06 12 17 44

Enjoyed with my nieces!

2012 07 06 12 18 42

Julia is very into Cait’s Plate and likes to make sure I get photos of her with her food to feature on the blog.

2012 07 06 12 20 41

Madeleine, clearly, could care less.

I think I see another coffee in my future!

  • Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    I just had another cup of coffee after lunch! I am pooped after this week…either the heat or the extra kid in the house. Whatever it is, I needed the afternoon pick me up! I wish I was sitting in a pool right about now! I’m glad you’re enjoy your family Cait! Have a great weekend!

    • Cait

      Thanks Sarena, you as well! And I hear ya – this week was tiring! Glad you gave yourself a little extra boost this afternoon. Sometimes it’s just needed!

  • Lauren

    They are just so adorable!

    • Cait

      Thanks Lauren :)