• balanced on a budget: favorite budget-friendly produce picks

    image source If you guys missed the very first post in this series: you can visit it here to learn more about it what it will include and why I’ve started it! As I’ve mentioned, the first step in this series is to highlight some general budget-friendly options for each of the main food groups that I believe are important… [Continue Reading]

    balanced on a budget: favorite budget-friendly produce picks
  • no-cook recipes perfect for summer

    With August upon us, we’re getting some of the hottest heat here in Charlotte that we’ve gotten all summer.  And all that heat has me craving is easy, no-cook recipes! I’ve rounded up my favorite dishes that don’t require an oven – making them perfect for the final blazing days of summer.  Who else is SO ready for the crisp,… [Continue Reading]

    no-cook recipes perfect for summer
  • my go-to fall wardrobe staples

    If you guys have followed me for a long while, you KNOW how obsessed I am with Fall.  And probably one of the things that gets me MOST excited is when Fall clothes start coming out.  As much as I love summer, there’s just something about being wrapped in a cozy sweater, sitting by a fireplace sipping a warm mug… [Continue Reading]

    my go-to fall wardrobe staples
  • daily meal plan: number thirty five

    If you’re new to the series, click here to see the very first post or here to view them all! I’ve created a guide for you to use which will (hopefully!) make it easier for you to mix and match meals on your own to fit your individual needs: GUIDE: ABOUT THE GUIDE: Since everyone is different with different needs, and because I’m speaking to… [Continue Reading]

    daily meal plan: number thirty five

Do It At Home

One of my favorite things to do is perfect a favorite restaurant dish at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out, but it’s also nice knowing that the dishes I love to have out, I can have at home anytime I want. So today I decided to re-create my favorite salad from Crisp: What costs $11 to eat…

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A Sad Happiness

There was a nearly-empty Sunflower Seed Butter jar just calling my name from the cupboard this morning… Is it sad how excited I get when this happens? It’s fiiiiiiiine. You can say yes. I depend on the happiness of a nearly-empty jar to off-set the sadness of a nearly-empty jar. Don’t question it, it makes sense. Now my only problem…

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Chocolate Molten Lava Flop

Sometimes ugly things are delicious. Have you ever noticed that? Particularly ugly baking/cooking things. And most especially when those things are chocolate. Because if we’re being honest (and I usually like to be) – chocolate is chocolate, no matter how ugly it might be. And it really all just gets better when your sunken-in molten chocolate cake can be topped…

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Strawberry Brownie Recipe

A brownie is many a food lovers guilty pleasure. You know you ought not to, because once you have one, you’d like another and another until you feel gluttonously guilty. Everyone deserves a little treat every so often though. And if you make your own, at least you know what you are making, and what unhealthy ingredients are going into…

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Cranberry Apple Wheat Berry Salad

Okay, things have been a little on the indulgent side lately so I decided to switch up and make something a little more healthy (it’s all about balance right?) How about a nice wheat berry salad? Everyone likes wheat berries, right? Right. They’re a nice healthy little whole grain.  Chewy with a nutty taste that makes you feel like you’re eating…

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Nutella-Stuffed Challah French Toast

The key to good french toast is day-old challah. Sometimes more than a day old. In fact, the more stale the bread, the better it will hold up as french toast. I mean, don’t get me wrong – you don’t want it so stale that it’s crumbling in your hands…but it should be a little less than springy to the…

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cookie Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

So what’s a person to do when they’ve made an entire batch of Jumbo Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies that just sit around on the counter all day looking delicious? Well, the first option is just to eat them all. The second option?   Hide them.  But let’s be real here…even if I had someone else hide them for me…

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Friday in Pictures

The rest of my Friday in pictures… 1. Lunch at Crisp (mixed greens, carrots, avocado, cranberries, hard boiled egg, cucumber, candied walnuts).  2. Dinner at Mellow Mushroom (my first-ever trip!)  3. Wasting time at Reid’s Fine Foods while we waited for our pizza.  4. Some of Reid’s fine food 😉  5. Mellow Mushroom pizza box!  6. Mellow Mushroom soft garlic…

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I distinctly recall the day I started baking. I was pulling out my peanut butter jar for my daily apple + peanut butter snack and realized that there was a recipe on the back for peanut butter cookies…one that seemed relatively simple. Having grown up watching my mother bake – I felt pretty capable of achieving the results on the…

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Peanut Butter

I was so excited to put my NAG winnings from Lauren’s giveaway to use this morning! I received both a Peanut Butter and Fruit & Nut bar – both of which I could barely wait to break into! Ultimately though I chose to go with a little of the Peanut Butter crumbled on top of my Apple Peanut Butter Oats. …

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Pistachio-Chai Muffins

So, as usually happens about once a week, I got bit by the baking bug yesterday. It may have been that I just couldn’t look at another math problem. Shh…baking doesn’t count as math!  Don’t ruin it for me! Or it may have been that in between every SINGLE math problem yesterday I had to take a break to add…

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Size Shrinker

Due to my late breakfast this morning I had a pretty light lunch – much better having a full meal than just snacks though, that’s for sure! I toasted (maybe a little too much) up 2 slices of honey wheat bread and packed it with hummus, avocado and mixed greens: Then sliced an apple to go along with it: After…

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