I woke up not really craving anything in particular for the first time in a long time (which might not seem weird to most normal people, but for people like me it’s not normal…did you follow that?).

It wasn’t until I offered to make Chad a bowl of yogurt with strawberries and granola that I decided, suddenly, that that’s what I wanted as well 

IMG 8720

This is actually not very rare for me.

I’m that person that will be getting ready to go out to eat saying she’s not very hungry or not really craving anything, but as well as we sit down, suddenly I can’t get food in fast enough.

I guess I’m a very visual/sensory eater!  If food is in front of me and I can see it and smell it, I’m usually pretty darn happy to then eat it.

IMG 8719

Whatever the impetus for this particular meal, I was happy I ended up choosing it because it tasted great!

IMG 8715

Almost like eating a strawberry cobbler of sorts for breakfast.

Into the simple bowl went:

IMG 8694

With coffee on the side:

IMG 8695

IMG 8689

A pretty good morning meal for a Friday.

IMG 8703

Hope everyone’s days just fly by and they’re in the weekend before they know it!

  • Amy @Macncheesenpeas

    Love that wooden slab plate thing!! where did you get it? and this breakfast looks great. :)

    • Cait

      Thank you! I actually got it from Michaels for about $5! :)

  • Kelly @leafynotbeefy

    Look so simple, but good! I also love that wooden plate – adds a nice earthiness to the pictures :)

    • Cait

      Thank you! And it definitely is simple but good! My favorite kind of breakfast :)

  • Alissa @lifelikefruitsalad

    Aren’t the simplest Greek yogurt + fruit + granola bowls sometimes the greatest thing?! One of my favorite ways to start the day! Or even end it! :P

    P.S. I also love that wooden plate! So awesome!

    • Cait

      Totally! I often find the simplest meals are the best all around :) And thank you! I got it at Michael’s for about $5! :)

  • Lauren

    It’s funny, people tell me all the time that my blog has inspired them to eat yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast. They had never seen this before and it’s changed their whole perception of breakfast. I always thought it was as common as PB&J but I guess I was wrong. To me, it’s one of the more simpler things I make but it’s ALWAYS so delicious!

    • Cait

      I completely agree! And I’m definitely with you on the fruit/yogurt/granola thing. They even serve it at restaurants!

  • MigraineMe

    Love today’s pictures! Happy Friday! :)

    • Cait

      Thanks! :)

  • elise

    i knew that was love grown from the first photo alone…impressed?? haha. im a granola connoisseur.

    • Cait

      Haha I AM impressed!! It’s pretty darn good granola – worthy of knowing at first glance :)

  • Maura @ My Healthy ‘Ohana

    What a delicious looking breakfast! I was just thinking of ordering love grown granola from amazon, any favorite flavors?

    • Cait

      The Simply Oats is REALLY good but I also love the Sweet Cranberry Pecan and the Raisin Almond Crunch. :)

  • Rebecca

    I am all about fresh strawberries lately. My favorite way is warmed up in the stove with some banana and then on top of greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey and cinnamon. YUM!!!
    ps – How are your schooling plans/decisions coming along?

    • Cait

      Oh my gosh that sounds amazing. I’ve been seeing roasted strawberries everywhere and am DYING to try them out. I bet they’re just delicious.

      And it’s going! I’m trudging through the GREs right now and then I’m headed into the world of applications :) I’ll let you know what program I choose!

  • Lynna

    this looks so healthy and delicious!

    • Cait