A Cinn-Ful Stack


It’s a wet one out there 

Which meant a warm, comforting breakfast was calling my name!

IMG 7412

Chad and I decided last night that waffles would be for breakfast today.  Not an uncommon practice in my life.  I usually know what I’m going to have for the next day’s breakfast about 30 seconds following my finishing the present day’s breakfast.

I kinda like food.

I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately and all that show does is inspire me to drink coffee and eat!  Yesterday they were making some toaster waffles and I knew immediately that it would be what I would have for breakfast today!

If only I could’ve gotten them at Luke’s…


Maybe someday…

Anyway, while Chad was happy to eat his waffles with a little butter and syrup, I think you all know me well enough by now to know that I needed to make mine a little more snazzy 

IMG 7434

The idea for the pears came to me while laying in bed this morning and when the idea hit me, it was all the motivation I needed to get up!

I popped two Maple Cinn waffles in the toaster and while they toasted I diced up a fresh (perfectly ripe!) bartlett pear.

IMG 7414Screen shot 2012 04 25 at 10 21 00 AM


Coffee + soymilk to wash it all down:

IMG 7422Screen shot 2012 04 25 at 10 23 35 AM

And Gilmore on the TV while I eat!

IMG 7429

IMG 7431

Have a good Wednesday everyone!



    • Haha I’m so glad I’m not alone! Every time I watch it I come off an episode wanting tons of junk food and tons of coffee and really good breakfast foods! oh and burgers and fries! haha. I own the whole series on DVD so that’s how I watch it 🙂

    • Haha yeah! I love that you noticed that because it actually was a thought when I was choosing my mug 🙂 Definitely give this pear/waffle combo a try, it was a great flavor mix!

  1. Gorgeous photos!! Loving that GREEN – it’s just starting to get green here and I’m officially in springy loving mode.

    Also, I love you so much.

    • I love YOU so much right back!! And yeah! I’m trying to enjoy the greens of spring without just wanting to skip it and wish for the greens of SUMMER! 🙂

  2. LOVE Gilmore Girls. All I can think about when I watch it is, “Damn! I wish I could eat like that and stay healthy like they are…” Makes me super hungry! 🙂

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