Apologies for the delayed posting today!  I was (once again!) in an airport this morning!

In the past 6 months I’ve been in the following airports (some of them multiple times):

  • LaGuardia Airport (NY)
  • JFK Airport (NY)
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport (NC)
  • Denver International Airport (CO)
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (GA)
  • Logan International Airport (MA)
  • Westchester County Airport (NY)

To big-time travelers that might seem like nothing, but for me it’s a whole heck of a lot!

Our Easter celebration finished up yesterday…

IMG 6456

And I drove from Boston back home to CT to pack and get ready to head back to the airport this morning to visit my other sister for the week!

And now?  The rest of the day presented to you by my [newly-acquired] Instagram app (!!)

IMG 20120416 104624

Sunny day in CT!

IMG 20120416 152840

Iced coffee [+ soymilk] at the airport along with:

IMG 20120416 153052

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal (with all the toppings) – eaten with…

IMG 20120416 153214

…the fork they gave me.  Oops.

IMG 20120416 152947

Delicious nonetheless!

Time with this little sweetheart –

IMG 20120416 162034

Gym time:

IMG 20120416 162534IMG 20120416 170323

Pool time…

IMG 20120416 171622IMG 20120416 172710

Walk time (to pick up dinner)…

IMG 20120416 184504

IMG 20120416 182801

IMG 20120416 183521
IMG 20120416 185055
IMG 20120416 183621IMG 20120416 185652IMG 20120416 190241
FINALLY pizza!!  Loaded with roasted peppers and sweet italian sausage.  SOOOO good!  Night!


  1. I LOVE airports. Kind of weird, I know, but one of my favorite things to do is explore the airport while I’m waiting for my flight.
    Glad you had a safe flight! Where are you now???

  2. I do love the airport, it’s prime for people watching. I would probably get tired of it though if I had been to one as often as you have in the past 6months! Although airports mean you’re going somewhere, so that’s fun! I have yet to try the perfect oatmeal from Starbs. Paying over $2 for a thing of oats just holds me back. That pizza looks amazing..Have fun!

    • Oh my gosh you have to try the Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal (get it with all the toppings)! It’s totally worth the money!

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