daily meal plan: number fifteen

daily meal plan - a full day of balanced meal ideas from breakfast to dinner! // cait's plate

See my first post in this series to understand a little more about how I put together my meals.


BREAKFAST: Overnight berry nut butter oats

Product suggestions:

  • YogurtFage, Trader Joe’s, Siggi’s
  • Nut Butter: Trader Joe’s, Crazy Richard’s, Maranatha
  • Chia seeds: I recommend buying these from the bulk bins at your local grocery store – much more affordable!  Trader Joe’s also sells a bag for $4.99
  • Berries: I buy a bag of frozen berries and mix them in the night before – they thaw well in the fridge overnight.  Just make sure you’re buying frozen berries that contain no additional sugar

LUNCH: 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, roasted green beans and sweet potatoes plus a piece of fruit

Product suggestions:

  • Green Beans: I like to buy fresh rather than frozen as I think they roast better that way, but either will work so go with your preference!

SNACK: Edamame

Product suggestions:

  • Edamame: I like to buy a bag of frozen edamame still in the pod – go for unsalted versions if you’re watching your salt intake

DINNERHearty Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa & Turkey Chili

Product suggestions:

  • Black Beans: I’m not picky about the brand but I do always look for no-salt added or low-sodium if I’m buying canned
  • Turkey: Look for ground turkey breast rather than just ground turkey as that will ensure you’re getting the leanest cut

note: product suggestions are my own personal preferences based off careful analysis of nutritional facts and taste preference.  products provided to me free of charge or on a sponsorship basis will be noted however rest assured i will never recommend a product that i don’t personally use and enjoy!



  1. When you buy Fage or Siggis yogurt, what fat content do you usually go for? Should I stick with 0% or is a higher content better tasting/more filling?

    • I would say it’s really a personal preference. More and more research has come out to support the benefits of full-fat dairy. That said, low and non-fat are also a perfectly acceptable choice. If you’re only consuming dairy a few times a week, it really doesn’t matter what you choose. The only time I would say to cut back on full-fat would be if you consume a diet very high in saturated fat and calories (as full-fat dairy products will contain more of both those things) in which case, swapping to low or non-fat might help overall.

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